Di Maio-Kukiz meeting: more direct democracy in Europe!

Luigi Di Maio of 5 Star Movement and Paweł Kukiz of Kukiz’15 just met in the shadow of the Salvini-Kaczyński meeting. The two men met in Brussels 8 Jan 2019 and talked about direct democracy and the idea of referendums in Italy and Poland. Both exchanged their perspectives on the artificial divisions between right and left in Europe and discussed how to accommodate their differences. Di Maio announced the platform for cooperation with the Polish party as well as Croatian Ivan Sincic and Finnish Karolina Kahonen to be based on direct democracy.

This was not the first time Kukiz and di Maio talked. Clearly they negotiate the platform and program ahead of the European Elections this May. Direct democracy is one; Kukiz added on his Facebook profile that what unites them is opposition to the domination of European politics by two nations.  Most likely he meant France and Germany,

The two politicians announced more news to come in the upcoming weeks. The French Gilet-Jaunes movement is expected to join the M5S-led initiative.

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