28 years old nationalist appointed minister

A gift from Prime Minister Morawiecki to the Polish’ far-right came late for Christmas.

Photo: Wikipedia

By the end of the year Adam Andruszkiewicz was appointed a vice-minister of digitalization. Who is this 28 years old minister? He is a former leader of the All-Polish Youth movement (organisation long known for anti-Semitic allegiance). In 2015 he was elected to the Sejm on the electoral list of Kukiz’15; representing then the radical National Movement. He holds anti-European and anti-Western views portraying himself as an isolationist. A native of Białystok he praises neighbouring Lukashenka’s Belarus. Mr Andruszkiewicz has a long list of criticism addressed towards Macron’s France. He is not shy of presenting his anti-Muslim and homophobic views to the world.

Why was he appointed? This action should be viewed as an attempt to attract far-right supporters to Law and Justice. If PiS truly wanted to reach out to the centrist voters this nomination was contradictory to what prime minister Morawiecki offered earlier last month. Clearly it was important to solidify the right-wing flank of Law and Justice before reaching out to the centre.

Mr Andruszkiewicz may be young, but he is resolute, especially on social media. His Facebook public profile is followed by 197 thousand people.

Some direct quotes from Mr Andruszkiewicz, vice-minister of the Polish government:

  • On Europe: “We have to speak with no complexes that we do not want any Europe and immigration here, we want no multiculturalism. We do not want it and that’s it. I see today how cities like Vienna, Brussels, London and Paris look like”.
  • On Belarus: “I think we should culturally, civilizationally and economically get closer with Belarus” and “the European Union tells us to argue against them”.
  • On migration and terrorist attacks: “Mrs Merkel and Mr Macron said we should take in immigrants and then had funerals of people murdered in attacks. It is not that the West is an oracle, God, who sits and says what Mr Timmermans says and we should pray to him, implement peacefully, because this is what he wants”. And in 2017 he added “I think that European politicians like Mrs Merkel or Mr Juncker today have blood on their hands of innocent people”.
  • On the US forces presence in Poland: “There is a geopolitical discussion in Poland what countries should be militarily present. Recently we got rid of the Soviet military. I respond: no military”.
  • On gays in Poland: “The healthiest tissue is in Eastern Poland. Not in any “Warsaw”. Not in any of those queer bars next to the rainbow. In there is no healthy Poland. Here is the healthy Poland”.

Now Mr Andruszkiewicz will be responsible for the relationship of the Polish government with Facebook and other social media.

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