Has Brexit already happened?

Am I dreaming?

Has Brexit already taken place? According to the EU rules, the geo-blocking is no longer allowed. Yet, when I wanted to see Brexit: The Uncivil War on Channel 4 this weekend, I was informed that the movie was accessible only in the UK. Why?

Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. Until then, it is a member of the single market and its rules, such as the geo-blocking ban.


Geo-blocking is allowed! Oh, the Commission says it is not, but it is. The European Union banned the geo-blocking only for some online trade. Actually, there are more exclusions from the general geo-blocking ban:

  • transport, including airline tickets
  • financial services
  • audiovisual services

More details about what is and what is not included in the ban is available on the Commission’s Q&A.

So I can’t see the movie the Guardian dislikes while most other outlets like. At least until I travel to the UK, or the movie is shown where I am.

Wrong: I can see the movie. Online on HBO GO Polska.

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