5x MEP Awards noms for Polish MEPs!

This is another awards season. “Winter is coming” is a motto of the Stark family of the HBO series Game of Thrones. It will be a big hit later this year and definitely a frontrunner for the 2019 TV awards season. A little piece of news for the Starks out there: winter is already here. Has been for awhile. People are waiting for the spring. Some politicians are using this urge shouting “Spring is coming“, while others can’t wait for the final season of the Game of Thrones.

The anticipation for the Oscars is also growing. A Spanish-language movie from Mexico called “Roma” is the frontrunner for this year’s top prize. Will Roma win with “Cold War”, a Polish movie about, well, the Cold War-era love affair in the non-English language movies? Cold War the movie won every award it could during the European Film Awards last December in Seville.

The award season transcends the film and TV series. The MEPs receive awards, too. The award is called “MEP Award” and is given out by The Parliament’s Magazine. This year five Polish MEPs are nominated, and they are outnumbered only by the Germans (6). In proportion, however, the Poles must be doing an excellent job, since 5/51 means roughly 10% of MEPs elected from Poland have been nominated, while only 6% of the German MEPs have been nominated (6/96). 3 of the 5 are Polish EPP, 1 belongs to S&D and 1 to ECR.

Who’s nominated, why and are they coming back after 26 May?

Danuta Hübner, former European Commissioner, MEP since 2009 with EPP (PO), in the past a chairwoman of REGI and AFCO committees. This year she is nominated for her ECON work.
Likelihood for Ms Hübner to return to EP: 80%.

Krystyna Łybacka, an MEP from S&D (SLD) since 2014, member of the CULT committee. Ms Łybacka has a long-time experience in education, used to be a national minister, too. She is recognised for her work on Erasmus+ and other CULT activities.
Likelihood for Ms Łybacka to return to EP: 0%, as she has announced her retirement back in December.

Marek Plura, an MEP elected in 2014 (EPP, PO) for the first time. Mr Plura actively works in the EMPL committee. He is the leading voice for the handicapped in Europe.
Likelihood for Mr Plura to return to EP: 50%, as for the moment he has expressed his desire to continue the service, but very few PO MEPs are certain of their future.

Agnieszka Kozłowska-Rajewicz, an MEP elected in 2014 (EPP, PO) for the first time. Her activity concerns the justice and gender equality-related issues in the FEMM and EMPL committees. Ms Kozłowska-Rajewicz is EPP coordinator in Women’s Rights committee.
Likelihood for Ms Kozłowska-Rajewicz to return to EP: 0%, as she has already announced her decision not to run.

Anna Fotyga, a former foreign minister with a shattered MEP experience. First an MEP 2004-2005 and back in the Parliament since 2014 with ECR (PiS). Ms Fotyga has been nominated for her activities as active chairwoman of SEDE.

Likelihood for Ms Fotyga to return to EP: 80%.

This European Parliament term the following Polish MEPs actually won an MEP Award: Jan Olbrycht (EPP/PO) in 2018 (in the EP since 2004), Róża Thun (EPP/PO) in 2017 (in the EP since 2009), Michał Boni (EPP/PO) in 2016 (in the EP since 2014). Three awards so far and five more shots for the 2019 trophy. The award ceremony is scheduled for 20 March 2019.

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