Norway and Poland at a consular war

Yesterday evening Norway declared the Polish consul Sławomir Kowalski persona non grata. The news that due to Warsaw’s refusal to call back their consul. In response, the Polish MFA has declared a Norwegian consul a persona non grata, in reciprocity.

Last time I wrote about the case of the Polish consul Sławomir Kowalski expulsion from Norway, Oslo gave an ultimatum to Warsaw to call him back. Warsaw refused.

The Polish MFA engaged the European diplomats in order to save the Consul’s fate, unfortunately to no avail. The Norwegians were unconvinced. The Norwegian and international media said (Reuters): “Kowalski had been involved in several cases where Polish citizens were disputing decisions by Norwegian child protection services”.

Yes, it is about the infamous Norwegian Child Welfare Services agency, or Barnevernet. The agency has a long history of problematic behaviour. And it seems the entire country of Norway defends its actions.

The same can be said of the Polish MFA. The Vice-Minister Szynkowski vel Sęk took to twitter “This is an extremely unjustified decision” and he continued: “One of the fundamental tasks of Polish diplomacy is effective defence of the interests of Polish citizens”.

So we have a diplomatic incident.

Norway and Poland are both NATO members, allies, there are important social and economic links between both nations.

Et alors?

This situation is dramatic and unnecessary. Those developments are positive only for the wrong actors. The Polish extremists who are accusing Norway of racist behaviour, stealing “white babies to make them Norwegian” are rejoicing. The agency that has powers unknown in a developed world is unmoved. The accused families suffer. The accused families lost an ally.

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