Will Poles double the turnout?

In the previous European elections Poles did not vote in big numbers. Turnout never was higher than 25%. This time it looks like things go differently.

The Electoral Commission just informed that the turnout at 12:00 was 14.39%. This is almost double than five years before, when by midday the Polish turnout was at 7.31%.

Last year during the local and regional elections, the turnout at midday was at 15.62%. By the end of the day the turnout was at 54.9%.

The 12:00 turnout suggests that by the end of the day some 40% to 50% may show up to vote.

The high turnout is driven by a high degree of political polarisation and a lack of a clear projected winner ahead of the vote. All leaders called on the voters to turn out to cast their ballot.

In Warsaw the turnout is significantly higher at 16.79% (compared to 10.7% five years before at 12:00). The same can be said of other regions, i.e. in the south-eastern Podkarpacie region the turnout at midday is at 15.96%, compared to 8.72% five years before.

The choice

The European citizens in Poland vote for one of 6 lists:

  1. Confederacy Korwin-Braun-Liroy-Nationalists
  2. Spring of Robert Biedroń
  3. European Coalition PO PSL SLD Modern Greens
  4. Law and Justice
  5. Left United – Razem, Labour Union, RSS
  6. Kukiz’15
The Electoral Commission (PKW)

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