The Polish EP 2019 results are coming in

As the night is unfolding, the first results of the European elections in Poland are coming in. Initially as exit polls, late polls, this morning (6 AM) we have results out of 95,9% of precincts. Here they are:

  • Law and Justice, 46,00%
  • European Coalition, 37,87%
  • Spring, 6,02%

The other committees fall short of the 5% threshold, most notably the far-right Confederacy (4,55%) and Kukiz’15 (3,71%). The last committee was the United Left (in fact, far left coalition) with 1,23%.

The turnout is 43%. Five years ago it was under 24%.

Et alors?

The big winner: the people, who showed up in big number in the electoral booth.

The big winner: Law and Justice, which bounced back from a nuanced results in 2018 to an astonishing result of 46% and 26 MEPs in the new European Parliament. PiS also managed to defend itself from the right side last-minute surge of Confederacy.

The big loser: Grzegorz Schetyna and his European Coalition. 8pp differential between EC & PiS is a major difference. Clearly Donald Tusk was wrong went he said “There are more of us” some 9 days ago addressing the EC rally in Warsaw. The EC should have about 22 MEPs

The big relief: if Confederacy fails to get elected this is a strong message that the only pill against the far right madness is a high turnout.

The big question mark: Spring with 6% and 3 MEPs. Where will they go? Can they be “the third way”, “the progressive option”? “What will Robert Biedroń do” was one of many questions asked last night. Is 6% a good departing point to grow, or, is it everything there is?

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  1. Bravo Poland! Bravo PIS! We will end red and German dictate in EU , we back to normal rights of free nations in UE

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