Over 550 thousand EU citizens with Covid-19

Ever since beginning of the corona crisis all we hear is “national”. How many sick people are there in Spain and Italy and in our own country. Not only Italians or Spaniards fighting against the coronavirus, but aren’t we all as Europeans fighting this crisis? One of the first person to get sick in Poland was a Spaniard. Another one was a British soldier stationed here with a NATO programme. What the heck, we are Poles and Italians and Luxembourgers, but aren’t we Europeans, too? So why media are not providing this data? Oh, sorry, there is Politico’s “Coronavirus in Europe“. At least they are looking at a selection of member states, rather than the big picture, but still, there is hardly any data on European citizens falling sick.

(As I side note, I wonder why Politico keeps on reporting on the UK and continues to disregard places like Switzerland or Norway, also “rich” with virus).

How many European Citizens are sick?

So I have been tracking the data myself for the citizens of the EU since mid March. This is how the story has been developing: EU crossed the 100,000 sick people on 20 March, and 150,000 sick people on 22 March. 200,000 sick people was just on 25 March, and 300,000 on 28 March. We closed the month of March with 396,982 people diagnosed with covid-19 in the EU.

The last 5 days look like this:

1 April 20202 April 20203 April 20204 April 20205 April 2020
Data: own calculations by Piotr Maciej Kaczyński on the basis of https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/.
Data: own calculations by Piotr Maciej Kaczyński on the basis of https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/.

The good news: there are fewer new cases in places like Italy, Austria, Latvia and Slovenia (under 20% new cases between 1 and 5 April). The bad news: the virus is on the rise in France, Poland and Romania, each with over 50% of new cases in the same period.

EU for two days now has fewer new cases than the United States, where on 5 April there were 336 thousand sick people with Covid-19.

As millions of Europeans, I am locked down on self-quarantine. Not sick, luckily, but jobless, also like millions of Europeans. In the European Parliament where I used to train people, they still have not discovered options of online education/training. Millions of young Europeans in schools are learning by doing how to e-school and the top deciders are stuck in early 2010s with the technological advancement.

But what can we expect from the over-paid civil servants? Personal job security matters more than anything else.

Many people are pondering about the post-corona future. What future for democracy? What future for the European project? I shall focus on this matter in the upcoming posts. For now, just this:

There is a simple test for the EU: as long as the coffee inside of the Berlaymont, Justus Lipsius or the Parliament buildings is cheaper than in a nearby cafe, and as long as a starting secretary in the European institutions earns more money than a university professor in the EU, this world is put upside down and won’t work properly.

If you feel you’d like to know how EU works and what works and what doesn’t, just write me up.

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