Testing for Covid19 in EU

On 14 April there are 771k cases of the coronavirus across the EU. About 70k people lost their lives. 224k have been cured, or so we think and 477k people are still sick.

Against this picture, there are hundreds of myths about Covid-19 across the EU. One of them is that there are so many sick people in Western Europe and so few in the Eastern part of the EU. I just put into a table the amount of testing across EU member states. I think it is self explanatory. There is a clear bottom of this table: who doesn’t test?

First is Romania and Bulgaria, EU’s poorest members. Second are Poland and Hungary, whose governments are so focused on power grab and window dressing rather than addressing the real issues. Is this a chance? Have a look at the table:

Data: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/. Table composed by Piotr Maciej Kaczyński

Croatia and Greece are also not exactly the best organised countries. Plus Croatia just had an earthquake in Zagreb. Then is France, the true worry: well organised, at the helm of the European solutions, yet so slow to react.

France will be the key to win the fight against the coronavirus, but also will be the key to win the fight about the EU’s fate in this changed new reality.

5 thoughts on “Testing for Covid19 in EU

  1. “Who doesn’t test” without including comaparable data? Sorry but your methodology is wrong beacuse it ignores the phase of epidemic.

    Tests/1m vs. Cases/1m – that is a key.

    1. Yes and no. Of course there is the issue of timing of the epidemic, but still we are about a month since a total lockdown in almost all member states. A month when all and each of the governments had the time to organise testing. A month when all the governments knew very well that the best working strategy is the South Korean one: massive early testing. Who performed? Who was able to deliver the “containment” of the virus? No one. Some where late with the massive testing, others are still late, depending where they are on the curve.

  2. Dear Sir, countries testing program with PCR methodology follows the instructions of WHO to test sick people and their contact person’s. It has nothing to do with the financial capabilities of the member state. So please do not mislead people!

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