2 Commissioners missing

Today there were hearings in the European Parliament. Extra hearings following the rejection of the initial candidates for Commissioners from Romania, Hungary and France. The replacement candidates who did well are the two: Adina-Ioana Vălean of Romania, who is scheduled to be the Commissioner for transport, and Thierry Breton of France, who will be responsible … Continue reading 2 Commissioners missing

4 Commissioners missing

For the new European Commission to take office - initially scheduled for 1 November - we are still missing four confirmations and a final confirmation vote in the European Parliament. Three Commissioners-candidates were rejected earlier by the European Parliament. The French Sylvie Goulard was denied after her hearing. The Romanian Rovana Plumb and the Hungarian … Continue reading 4 Commissioners missing

Donald Tusk writes a book

President of the European Council just announced a new book to be published in December, "Szczerze", or "Honestly", about his 5 years in office as the President of the European Council. https://twitter.com/Agora_SA/status/1188859934500380678?s=20 Agora, the publisher, announced the date, 12 December. Mr Tusk's term in office ends on 1 December. The question of the week everybody … Continue reading Donald Tusk writes a book

Jarosław Kaczyński writes to voters

Almost two weeks after the Polish general elections the politics in Warsaw is fourfold. There is a fight for the control over the Senate where the united opposition parties snatched a tiny majority (51-49) over the ruling Law and Justice (PiS). PiS challenges outcome in six districts with limited chances of success. The other three … Continue reading Jarosław Kaczyński writes to voters

Poland Votes 2019: four days to go

In four days Poles will chose their Parliament. There are 460 seats in the Sejm and 100 Senate seats to grab. Five electoral committees are competing for the votes: Law and Justice (PiS) is the ruling party, the Civic Coalition (KO) is the centrist opposition, the Left is the progressive coalition, the Polish Coalition (KP) … Continue reading Poland Votes 2019: four days to go

Wojciechowski gets EP approval on second attempt

Janusz Wojciechowski will be Ursula's von der Leyen's Commissioner for Agriculture, after all. The Agricultural Committee of the European Parliament just heard the Polish politician for the second time today. After the second hearing was held with Mr Wojciechowski speaking at ease in his native language, the coordinators unanimously agreed to give him a green … Continue reading Wojciechowski gets EP approval on second attempt

Will Mr Wojciechowski pass the test?

Ever since the replacement of the next Polish Commissioner, Mr Wojciechowski has kept a low profile trying to avoid the temper of the gods of the European Parliament who are on the hunt in this years hearings. Today he takes the centre stage; will he pass the Parliamentary hearing? Janusz Wojciechowski is a 64 year … Continue reading Will Mr Wojciechowski pass the test?

The Hearings Are Coming Up

The second to last element in the process of establishing the new European leadership is about to take place. The show will begin as each of the individual Commissioners-nominees will face the European Parliament committee or committees. In the committees public hearings are scheduled. Here is the itinerary of the upcoming shows: 30 September: Commissioners … Continue reading The Hearings Are Coming Up

Ursula’s College: the critical approach

Ursula von der Leyen is proud. Her College is gender almost-balanced. There are 27 members, 14 men and 13 women. There were never as many ladies in the European Commission college. Yet, is this truly her College? Yes, she asked for female candidates. She also asked for two candidates to chose from. In the past … Continue reading Ursula’s College: the critical approach

The Ministry of Hate

It is evening, 19 August 2019. Another sunny, hot day. The climate change shows its positive side for holiday-makers, as there are thousands of people on the sunny sandy beaches over the southern Baltic coast and thousands more hike the hills and mountains of south Poland. 30 degrees in the shade, and the political campaign … Continue reading The Ministry of Hate