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Political Europe & Me

Dear Reader, In a form of a letter, let me try to cover the ongoing political issues related to the European Union. You are free to ask and to comment. You are free to disagree….

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Truth to power

Who truly reads this blog? Please, comment this blog and I will know that you read it. As the European Parliament project has ended (#Gimme5EU), this blog is now gone.

The Scare v. The Big Lie

The campaign to the European Parliament in Poland revolves around the weekends, when all the major political blocks try to impose a new narrative. This weekend is no different. In the recent weeks PiS run…

Gowin take on Europe

On Sunday, 13 January 2019, Jarosław Gowin hold the first congress of his small political party, the Agreement of Jarosław Gowin (Porozumienie Jarosława Gowina, P) in the ancient Polish city of Kraków. The party has…