The Ministry of Hate


It is evening, 19 August 2019. Another sunny, hot day. The climate change shows its positive side for holiday-makers, as there are thousands of people on the sunny sandy beaches over the southern Baltic coast and thousands more hike the hills and mountains of south Poland. 30 degrees in the shade, and the political campaign … Continue reading The Ministry of Hate

Facebook bans 13 Polish pages


On Europe Day, 9 May, the news about Facebook's new elections operations centre in Dublin hit the wires. This time it is different. This time the social platforms take the fake news threat seriously. The European elections is particularly vulnerable to foreign manipulation. In April, Facebook goes serious and bans the pan-European campaigns altogether. After … Continue reading Facebook bans 13 Polish pages

Facebook manages bans with the Polish government

Last week Facebook banned 16 Polish pages due to irregularities. Earlier this week I've heard that Facebook plans to ban some 300 more pages in Europe in the upcoming days or weeks. Did you know that the banned pages can appeal from Facebook's ban in Poland? Here's the situation. Back in November 2018 Facebook and … Continue reading Facebook manages bans with the Polish government