Poland on strike


Since Monday, 8 April, Polish schools and pre-schools are on strike. Classes are cancelled throughout the country. Teachers are demanding increases of salary. The government reached an agreement with one of three of the trade unions, the educational branch of "Solidarność", but most teachers continue to strike. Many of "Solidarność" members defy their union. Many … Continue reading Poland on strike

Children in the middle of the EP campaign


Law and Justice runs a campaign against the LGBT+ community accusing the opposition of an ideological war and "sexualisation of children";Teachers' unions go on strike: derailment of the spring exams in sight and maybe even graduation;The Youth Climate Strikes hit the Polish streets;The Catholic Church in Poland releases its statistics about paedophilia. Law and Justice … Continue reading Children in the middle of the EP campaign

Warsaw brief news 12 Jan 2019

1. Spy story in Warsaw: a Huawei employee and an ex-ABW officer (Internal Security Agency) have been arrested for alleged spying. 2. Teachers on strike: following ZNP, a second trade union FZZ announced they will join the strike. Teachers demand increase of salary. 3. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State announced that on 13-14 February … Continue reading Warsaw brief news 12 Jan 2019